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Cool Quite frankly ... we think we are the cool Greek guys (and girls) of the net. The best team that ever set virtual foot on cyberspace. The créme de la créme of the Hellenic Cyberspace, if not more generally. Why? Because we are Greek and because all Greeks think they are God's gift to the world. Hey, why fight mother nature? After all, we are here and we are giving a great show. We are basically knocking ourselves out. This is version 4.0 of the Magical Journey. What started off as a home page has now become one of the largest and probably the most complete gateways to Greece. We are doing an amazing job and we're loving it.
We think we are great also because we have the coolest, prettiest Greek women on our Team, and on our chat, and on our forum. And since we love women simply because they are women, having them here with us makes us feel numero uno. We also hope to get some women by saying these things. Femmes
And finally, we know we rock the house because people keep trying to imitate us ... Which is probably good, since we might see some quality spread around. But it' s kind of annoying too, you know? I mean, the whole point of setting up a web site is so that you can create something that is not already there. What's the point in copying pages right out of another site ... and especially a site with such great visibility. Plus, aren't you tired of all these "Greek sites" that all they have on them is a bunch of links to the same ol' sites and maybe some pictures that you could swear you have seen before? I know we are and that's why we are trying to give you guys material that you won't see any place else.
Copy   We were the first ones to introduce GreekChat. We still are the only ones to feature a complete guide to the Greek night life. Our news section, Made in Greece, brings you unique articles, interesting and informative, that you won't see any place else. And the Interactive On Line Magazino (Edw Ellada) that we also host is one of its kind too. Although this is going to be its first year on line, we expect it to become extremely popular, simply because we'll try to make it unique.
So, to all you guys and gals out there, the moral of the story, a story we have already told to some of you via email, is: Be unique, be original ... build and they will come! It t akes time to create a huge site like the Magical Journey. But hey ... when you are finally done ... and you look at what you've created ... and it's good ... and it's yours ... then you'll know what I'm talking about.
Not reproducing material from this site will enoble your spirit, grant you excellent karma and provide you with our support should you require it. Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. See your local dealer - today.

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