The reason why ...

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We are doing this for...

the deep blue sea, that cools us off in the summer. For the sun, and the birds, and the clear sky, that are the symbols of the freedom we were born with ...

    For our history. For the glorious past, the challenging present and the promising future of our country.

For our fellow Greeks - the coolest people on Earth. For the soldiers who protect our home, for the women, who are the prettiest in the world,
for our cities that are still beautiful and safe.
For our 4000 year old culture. Because we are the cradle of civilization. For our habits, both good and bad.

Because we are from the land of the free. From the land where people still know how to have a good time. From the land where values like family and religion are still an important part of our lives. Because we are from the land where the people are honest and up front.

Because we are European. And because we are heading for the 21st century with confidence and optimism.

Because we are Greek. And because we wouldn't change that for the world.

(But you had to ask anyway now, didn't you?)

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It has been said ...

"You have to live it to believe it."
    - Tourist

"I want to move to Greece"
    - People who have stayed there for more than a month

"I've been coming here every year since ..."
    - Tourist

"I had a great time"
    - 92% of all visitors