The team members

    What we are is basically a bunch of guys and girls studying at universities in Greece and abroad. We have people in the States, we have people in England, we have people in Switzerland and we have people in Greece. The core of the team though is in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. In Pittsburgh, and out of the Magical Journey members that are in Carnegie Mellon University, CMU's Hellenic Students' Association (HelSA) was formed. To go to CMU's HelSA web site please click here.

    Almost everything is organized by the Head of the Team, Giorgo Markaki who is also the president of CMU's HelSA. Dimitris Demiris is the owner of Ichannel Internet Café in Volos, Greece and thanks to him we have a mirror site in Greece.
    Picture Ntiana Markaki is also in Volos - holding up the fortress over there. Thomas Eythimiou is in Patras, Greece and Katerina Tsatsoulis is in Pittsburgh. Katerina is a member of CMU's HelSA and has taken many pictures from Greece for us.
    Costantinos Dassios is also at Carnegie Mellon University and he is the one who brought Greek Scouting on the Web. Dimitris Iossifidis is our correspondant in Switzerland, frequently traveling back and forth between Switzerland, the States, and Greece.

    And then there is a huge crowd of writers, photographers, thinkers, typers (people who type things up), computer experts, computer experts wannabe's, story tellers, news reporters, gossip reporters, headliners and news hawks who are all part of our Team, bringing the best that exists out there, here, to your screen. We hope you enjoy it.

      The Magical Journey to Greece Team
      Dated: August 31st, 1997

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