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Business and Economy (13)
Read about ventures undertaken by Greek businesses and companies around the world! The strong Greek economy, stock market news, European Union, Hellenic Shipping and the Hellenic Merchant Fleet, and more.
Culture (4)
Cultural awards and recognitions. Films, theater, music, art, design, photography, culture. First places, Greek festivals, etc.
Famous Greeks (4)
Famous Greeks from all over the world! Politicians, business men, artists, journalists, athletes, professors, doctors, poets ...
Health and Medicine (1)
Accomplishments in the field of medicine, health, and care. Find out about research made by Greek doctors world-wide, cures, discoveries, and breakthroughs in surgery, medical technology, etc.
Programmes and Fellowships (3)
Learn about Hellenic-funded or related fellowships, programmes and scholarships around the world.
Sports (3)
Greek athletes winning international competitions, breaking records, excelling in sport events. Greece organizing major international events, Olympic games, championships, etc.
Technology (6)
Technological breaktrhoughs and innovations by Greeks in Greece and abroad. Find out how Greece contributes actively to the spread of modern technology.
Tourism (2)
Greece is the #1 travel destination in Europe and one of the best known holiday resorts world-wide. Find out why Greece is so special!
University breakthroughs (4)
Accomplishments, breakthroughs, and innovations by Greek Universities, students, or faculty.


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