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MJ I'm Greek and I'm proud!

Greek Cyberspace! How does it feel to float around Greek Cyber-Dust? It is more and more common nowadays for people to want to move to Greece permanently. Probably folks who have visited more than once or twice and have understood the Greek way of living.

Quick statistics regarding the Greek economy that has improved dramatically in order to enter the European Monetary Union: Inflation is stable around 2.5%. Unemployment is under 9%. This is about average among other European Union countries. These figures are for January 2003.

That makes Greece one of the most promising markets to invest in. Keep in mind that when people judge the Greek economy, they compare it with that of the US, or England, Canada, etc. In other words, they compare it to the top 7 strongest economies in the world. Yet there are about 180 countries on earth. Being at the top 25 out of 180 is not bad at all, don't you think? After all, Greece is a European country; "a developed and stable democracy with a modern economy" according to the US consular information sheet.

Infrastructure: According to international advisory boards, Greece has good roads with adequate traffic signs. And new, wider roads keep being built. Yet Greece has the the highest fatal accident rate in Europe, according to the data presented at the 5th Symposium of Physiatry and Physiotherapy that took place in Kefalonia. Greece is the only European country where the number of traffic accidents is increasing instead of decreasing. That's due primarily to the fact that Greeks are stupid enough not to use their seatbelts a heck of a lot - or at least didn't use to. As mentioned in the Symposium, using the seatbelt would have resulted to 400 fewer deaths.

Drinking and driving is yet another major cause of injuries. In fact, ever since the traffic police began giving alcohol-tests to drivers, accidents caused by drunk drivers have decreased by 50%.

But all that doesn't change the fact that Greek is good. Every country has accidents. We just do it better ;-)

Plus, let's not forget that in 2001 Greece put into operation a brand new Athens International Airport, and is host of the 2004 Olympic Games! The new Athens Metro (subway system) is already operational.

      Cheers, Greek Lovers !

It's good to be Greek!

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