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In a time when the use of computers is considered imperative in order to transmit the historical memory from generation to generation, the Electronic Gallery has been created, intending to expand into the digital era the role of museums and cultural exhibitions. It is about the first serious production by which modern Greek painting takes part in the era of digital museums. It is a CD-ROM with contents that would take up more than three large volumes of books.

Three thousand underlined words give the "visitor" the opportunity to transfer themselves instantly from painting to painting, from biographies to works, to dictionary definitions, to images, to comments. Four hundred and twenty (420) painte rs represent the most important names from 1832 up to today and 500 colored paintings represent their work. Also included are identical documents about artists, works from every decade, critiques, art rooms, exhibitions, cultural organiz ations and art collections.

Heads of the team of art historians that worked towards this important piece of work are the art critic -sociologist Mr. Charis Kampourides and the art historian Mr. Giorgos Levounis. "As we all know, there are no documented catalogues of works of art in Greece" Mr. Levounis explains. "More and more fake pieces circulate, without the possibility of scientific examination. The researchers, collectors, and art lovers are in direct need of a responsible documentation. Through the Archive we are attempting a serious solution towards that direction. We are collecting every document and other archives, every historical testimony that could prove useful to the history of our art, the collectors, the researchers, the auction houses, and any other in terested party."

All these pictures and the archived material of this electronic edition have been donated by the Society of Conjectural Studies, a non-profit institution, founded in 1991, aiming to cover the lack of archives' infrastructure for modern Greek a rt. "Any society today that doesn't take care in transferring its cultural heritage into a modern, digital form" Mr. Kampourides adds, "is letting its members uninformed about its identity and takes the risk of disappearing from the memory of th e upcoming ones. With the Electronic Gallery the historical material of modern Greek painting is being reconstructed with the participation of the user and learning becomes a pleasant discussion of facts with the present."

This CD-ROM was provided by the computer magazine "RAM" of the Lambrakis Publishing Organization with every May 1997 issue. Providers are also the I.F. Kostopoulos Institution/Alpha Credit Bank, the company Nik. I. Theocharakis AE and the Secretariat of Research-Technology of the ministry of Development.

The Magical Journey to Greece also selectively distributes a limited number of free CD-ROM's to its internet users. If you wish to obtain a free copy of the Electronic Gallery, please send us email, describing briefly why this CD-ROM would be of importance to you.

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