Ingredients: 1 part Cointreau or Triple-sec, 2 parts white tequila, 2 1/2 parts lemon juice.
Procedure: Shake in the shaker with plenty of ice. In the US it is customary to make it like a slurpy. Cover the tip of the glass with salt and add a slice of lemon.
Type: Refreshing, by the sea cocktail, all around the clock.

Tale The incarnation of fun. Salty sips full of sun and joyful spirits. Is just as goon in the Arizona desert as on a beach with coco trees in Mexico. Along with a Daquiri, the perfect way to enjoy a sunset.


Ingredients: 1 part scotch whisky, 1/2 part lemon juice, a spoon full of sugar or 1 part whisky and 2 parts lemon syrup.
Procedure: Shake all the ingredients in the shaker with ice.
Type: Peculiar, sourish taste for all around the clock.

Tale A cocktail with a peculiar character. Suited for those who have lived life to its fullest and have experienced countless hang overs. Can be characterized as Sam Sheppard drink or the drink of someone who has neve r had any regrets in their life, where every experience is valuable.

Ingredients: 1 part vodka, 3 parts tomato juice, tabasco, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper. Optionally a tiny bit of lemon
Procedure: Stir the vodka and the tomato juice in a glass with ice, adding the rest of the ingredients depending on your personal taste. Before a meal, it can be combined with a little piece of celery.
Type: Very spicy. Ideal as an aperitif.

Tale It has been said about the Bloody Mary that its a complete meal in itself! It is rated among the most personalized cocktails, with thousands of versions that are considered right and that carry the mark of the ba rman. Objectively, among the most elegant ways to begin your meal.


Ingredients: 1 part gin, a few drops or up to 1/5 part dry vermut.
Procedure: Stir in a frozen pitcher, with ice. Strain and serve in a cocktail glass, that has also stayed in the cooler. Decorate with a green olive or with a slice of lemon.
Type: Stylish, classic, clean taste, for prior to a meal.

Tale The cocktail of the demanding. An extra drop of vermut or shaken instead of carefully stirred, always give the wrong results. James Bond is of course excused, who not only wanted his dry Martini shaken but who al so added some Vodka to it. And his line in the movie Operation Thunder is not to be forgotten, in the scene where a gorgeous lady, just having come out of the sea, falls on him, making him all wet: "I always drink my Martini dry!"

Ingredients: 1 part white rum, 3 parts lemon juice. Optionally, a few drops of laim.
Procedure: Shake in the shaker with ice. Decorate with a slice of lemon.
Type: Refreshing and for the summer. All around the clock.

Tale Trademark of the carefree, cosmopolitan Cuba, before the arrival of Fidel Castro. Rumor has it that it was first made in the bar Florida, that is still in Avana. The best known lover of Daquiri or Daquiri, was of course the great Ernest Hemingway. Apart from the classical version with lemon, you might see it combined with many other different fruits like strawberry. Maybe the perfect combination for an appearance in a linen suit at a bar by the sea.


Ingredients: 2 parts of Canadian whisky, 1 part of red vermut, a few drops of Angostrua.
Procedure: Stir in a glass pitcher or inside the same glass. Tradition wants it without any decorations.
Type: Aromatic, super classic, for all around the clock.

Tale In the US, in the beginning of the century, anybody who was somebody was drinking Manhattan. Invented in New York some time between 1860 and 1870 by Harry Johnson, it's the all-times classic cocktail.

[ Advice: Use large ice cubes that don't melt easily. The classic way demands that not one ice cube is dropped in the glass. And remember that two different people, even if they have the exact same ingredients in their disposal, cannot but make two different cocktails * ]
* Many thanks to the Polo Lounge of Hilton Hotel in Athens and to Caprice (Athens) for their invaluable help. Special thanks to Jackson Hall for the preparation of the drinks.

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